Heretic's Guide to HomecomingThe Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming (Book One: Theory)

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“Life is transformation. You change or you die.”

Ashamed of his past and overwhelmed by his future, Ronoah Genoveffa Elizzi-denna Pilanovani feels too small for his own name. After a graceless exit from his homeland in the Acharrioni desert, his anxiety has sabotaged every attempt at redemption. Asides from a fiery devotion to his godling, the one piece of home he brought with him, he has nothing.

That is, until he meets Reilin. Beguiling, bewildering Reilin, who whisks Ronoah up into a cross-continental pilgrimage to the most sacred place on the planet. The people they encounter on the way—children of the sea, a priestess and her band of storytellers, the lonely ghosts of monsters—are grim and whimsical in equal measure. And each has their part to play in rewriting Ronoah’s personal narrative.

One part fantasy travelogue, one part emotional underworld journey, The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming is a sumptuous, slow-burning story about stories and the way they shape our lives.

The Insomniac’s Assistant

“These are the tools of the trade: / a massage therapist’s hands / a magician’s hands / a violinist’s hands / a save-worms-from-the-pavement-er’s hands / a bury-small-things-in-the-backyard-ist’s hands.”

The Insomniac’s Assistant is a verse novel (a novel-length narrative told through the medium of poetry rather than prose) about the struggles, stresses, and strange joys of the sleepless. In one of the oddest examples of Bring Your Friend to Work Day, follow the protagonist through a typical night of soothing a city’s insomniacs to sleep.

I tell him about the crows inked onto his arm: / This one is Ljuba, she lullabies the sleeping trees in winter / and this one is Lazar, the most fastidious eater / and this, this is Mihailo, with his mean-looking shoulders and his kindness.

The Insomniac’s Assistant is published through Canadian micro-publishing house Penrose Press, and features over a dozen illustrations by the delightfully-talented Brianna Tosswill.