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Healing Through Storytelling: or, Why I Write

An Explanation in Three Tales One: By the time I entered high school, the grayness and drudgery of society had got its claws in my sense of whimsy. I had a hard cage of cynicism and sarcasm around my tender heart. I enjoyed nothing fully, too worried about being labelled as ‘too much’ for my Read More

Behind The Scenes: Q&A with Sienna Tristen, Author of The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming

Cross-posted from the Welcome to Shale blog. In the course of publishing Heretic’s Guide, we’ve fielded all sorts of thoughtful questions regarding the book and the writing process. Below you can find Sienna’s answers to the most popular questions we receive. Whether you’re curious about the many fantasy languages present in the novel, or about Read More

Musical Musings: Insights From The Minds Behind ‘Firewalker: Ronoah’s Theme’

Cross-posted from the Welcome to Shale blog.   This is the first hint that I care for music as much as I care for writing. I have an odd relationship with music: I’m blessed with sharp ears and cursed with unskilled hands. I inherited my father’s perfect pitch and spent most of my childhood receiving Read More