The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming (Book One: Theory)

“Fans of detailed fantasy worldbuilding will revel in this voluminous story.” -Publisher’s Weekly

“Compelling and complicated in all the right ways. . . . beautifully written, not just in mythos but also in its treatments of its characters. Tristen writes on these emotions in a way that is rich with understanding and empathy.” -Reader Views

“A character-driven story written with a gold-tipped pen. Highly recommended.”
-The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“Life is transformation. You change or you die.”

Ashamed of his past and overwhelmed by his future, Ronoah Genoveffa Elizzi-denna Pilanovani feels too small for his own name. After a graceless exit from his homeland in the Acharrioni desert, his anxiety has sabotaged every attempt at redemption. Asides from a fiery devotion to his godling, the one piece of home he brought with him, he has nothing.

That is, until he meets Reilin. Beguiling, bewildering Reilin, who whisks Ronoah up into a cross-continental pilgrimage to the most sacred place on the planet. The people they encounter on the way—children of the sea, a priestess and her band of storytellers, the lonely ghosts of monsters—are grim and whimsical in equal measure. Each has their part to play in rewriting Ronoah’s personal narrative.

One part fantasy travelogue, one part emotional underworld journey, The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming is a sumptuous, slow-burning story about stories and the way they shape our lives.

The Insomniac’s Assistant (OUT OF PRINT)

“This is not the kind of book you can read quietly in the daylight. It’s the kind of poetry that begs to be read aloud late at night to someone you love. The language of it is soft, sibilant, trips tidily off the tongue. […] This book wants to be lingered over.”
Evelyn Elgie, NotBanging

The Insomniac’s Assistant is a verse novel (a novel-length narrative told through the medium of poetry rather than prose) about the struggles, stresses, and strange joys of the sleepless.

In one of the oddest examples of Bring Your Friend to Work Day, follow the protagonist on a typical night of soothing a city to sleep, and experience the magic that creeps into the world in the small hours. Each vignette is a window peered into late at night, a furtive glimpse between the curtains at the tender battles being fought inside. Sienna Tristen’s debut work of poetry sheds light on all the anxieties, insecurities, and obsessions that keep us up at night—then imagines a presence comforting enough to tame them.