I’m Sienna Tristen, a writer, artist, linguist, and all-around creative based in Toronto, ON. You may have found your way here thanks to my self-published introspective fantasy novel, The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming, or else perhaps my verse novel, The Insomniac’s Assistant, published through Penrose Press. Either way, welcome to my little digital enclave!

About Me

Growing up, art and story were my life. In second grade I doodled elaborate escape rooms on lined paper and made my friends try to solve them; in eighth grade, I drew page after page of fanart for my favourite books, games, and TV shows. In high school I spent every free moment in the library, tucked away between shelves; in university I got serious about my own writing, and published several poems in English and French while working on my first novel.

I also kept a student blog, which you can view here–it helped me to hone my craft, to find my voice, and to realize just how important storytelling is to me.

Stories are my most important teachers. All that I know of life and death and kindness and curiosity, I learned from art. It’s a vital part of how I better myself, and of how I interface with other people, too. I’m a bit of an introvert. Art helps me engage without exhaustion.

Visit The Shale Project’s website to see some of the more recent things I’ve been up to alongside my inimitable partner, Avi Silver. Also, please feel free to add me on Goodreads–I love to connect with fellow bookish folk!